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Whether in person or virtually,

      In a restful state or in movement, 

            My approach to healing involves

Tuning in to your body's responses to your feelings,

So that we can feel our thoughts reverberate through our bodies.

This is where our conversation with the deep subconscious

has more direct impact. 

Simply put,

I guide you in your self-speak,

in order to de-construct and re-construct

the inner landscape’s passageways. 


Our emotional bodies are stuck in circuits of reaction

that we quickly installed along the way.

Some pain signals will continue to alarm us

until we truly look at them,

change our response to them, 

and redirect the energy.


      My work is primarily informed by Carl Jung, Eckhart Tolle, Heidi E. Spear, and every experience I've ever had. Much of my own healing journey has taken place in restful states on the edge of sleep, or in deep movement, when I could feel my thoughts causing a ripple of energy through my body.


      For a decade I lived with a highly reactive nervous system; fight or flight and adrenal fatigue. A decade of insomnia gave me the time to study my internal landscape. Healing is not a mental versus physical journey; It’s the harmonizing of the two. 


I design our session based on the language that you speak best.

Some people relate well through a phone call.

Some need movement activation.

One person has asked me to come over as a

morning motivational mentor.

Another has asked me to

hold my hand over her heart for the entire session.

      Movement is one of the best ways to practice trusting yourself, which lies at the foundation of our mentality. When we don't trust ourselves, it could be because we don't trust ourselves to make the right decisions, but when we don't trust ourselves, how can we make the right decisions for ourselves to begin with? Lack of trust is likely the most common obstacle in our society, as cultural norms pressure us to trust voices outside of our own. The moment that I quieted those pressures, and trusted my body to walk in the direction it needed me to, and walk up to the people I didn't realize I needed to meet- that's when movement became my teacher and daily medicine. 

      Movement is necessary, because it's our soul expressing itself, which is the very premise of our existence and health. When we fail to express our energies, they build inside, and potentially wreak havoc on the body. I have spent years studying the ways in which I can use movement to get out of the way of myself, and I'm happy to help you do the same. 

My sessions are 90 minutes, 

For a sliding scale rate of $40-$80.

As someone coming from the arts,

I do my best to make my work accessible to everyone. 

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