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I believe art is an expression of the deep unconscious,

and stems from a pool of ideas that we all share.

It is raw imagery, sound, and movement,

from the free nature of the spirit.

Society’s conventions and cultural language 

subsequently inhibit its release.


Art expresses a deep wisdom

that our daily thinking self

doesn’t always keep up with.


The words that come to us without thinking,

the sensations,

the free-moving notions, 

are invitations from our inner spirit.

If nature is speaking to us, 

what is it saying?


How often do we 

allow our bodies

to guide us, 

As opposed to the mental fixation 

of moving from 

point A to point B?


Point A and B 

don’t exist.

We have the authentic guide



Wherever the body leads, 

go there.

To walk down a street,

to speak to someone, 

follow it. 

The body is bringing us

to views it needs us to see. 


There are large forces at play

that we don't need to outsmart.


There’s no coincidence, 

because all of life is a co-incidence. 

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