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    Andrea Ward is a musician and contemporary choreographer merging music and dance into one healing art. Her influence stems from a deep attunement to the intelligence of the natural world. She has a New York-based band and teaches dance internationally, with the intent to create performances and film works that bring audiences back to the heart.

    Andrea has created choreography and led workshops in London, Paris, Madrid, Italy, and Montreal. Her recent creation with the Brussels-based Ways Training Programme articulated a deep sensitivity to the intelligence of nature. Andrea has also been commissioned with the Columbia Ballet Collaborative at Barnard College and the University of Florida in Gainesville. She’s recently worked with the Sarasota Contemporary Dance company to create a vocal-movement work that combines vocalization and dance into one harmonious group expression.

    As a musician, Andrea plays the kalimba and steel tongue drum, with sinuous vocals that radiate an aqueous atmosphere, and lyrics that discuss the nature of consciousness. She performs in contexts ranging from outdoor public street art to venues and art museums with her collaborators. Her recent album featured a series of underwater film works, including her song “Awake at Night.”

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