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Dear friends,


I am a musician and choreographer merging music and dance. With my band and dance company “Speaking Vine,” I create experiences intended for healing. As someone who’s been on a long journey of health challenges, I choose to focus on what is most important in the health of the world at large, and offer that in my artistry and every day encounters. I believe that the world is sorely suppressed and invaded, and that many people yearn for a type of vulnerability and liberation that they don't know how to feel. My healing sessions, my music, and my dance creations, are all offerings of sensitivity and “deep listening." The name “Speaking Vine” stems from my desire to listen to, and to feel, what is speaking to us on a deep internal level, in the human psyche as a whole. At this point in my path, I feel the capacity to give from an untethered place.


I like the quote, “Your money is not yours. It’s just your turn to spend it.” All of my life, my money has always been passed along to the artists joining my work; musicians, dancers, and people who’ve helped me get from point A to B. I pay artists for their time. I cover their travel. I pay for music and dance studio space, for music equipment, for dance costuming, for video work, for promotion, and so on. I’ve never taken a vacation for myself because my money is always invested into a new project, or an injury and its treatment.


If you would like to become a patron of my efforts, or make a one-time donation, your support is tremendously appreciated, and I will always find a way to give back. My parents are both visual art freelancers. I live as a minimalist. I have always managed to create the vision economically. The vision is so much more than the projects; It is a fully embodied walking aura of love and care that I offer to those around me. If you choose to become a patron, you're giving me the confidence to focus on what is important in my offering, and I'm so, so thankful.


Thank you. ❤️




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