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        I am a musician and choreographer merging music and dance under the name “Speaking Vine.” I create experiences intended for liberation and healing. My healing sessions, my music, and my dance creations, are all offerings of deep listening: the capacity to feel what is speaking to us on a deep internal level, in the collective human psyche, and to observe how it’s presenting itself in the world at large.


I believe that many people are disconnected from their deeper voices, and yearn for a type of vulnerability and liberation that they don't know how to feel. My intention is to help people to sense it within themselves.


All of my life, my finances have been invested into the professionals joining my work; musicians, dancers, audio engineers, videographers, and designers. I pay artists for their time and travel. I pay for music and dance rental space. 


The intention is to create a circumstance in which I can embody a deep listening, and instill that in others, and facilitate their healing journey.


Your support is tremendously appreciated.


If you would like to make a donation or become a patron,

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Thank you. 

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