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Thank you for visiting my website.

Being an authentic artist, and choosing the deeper path at every fork,

is what I live by.

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In the coming year, I have plans to produce works which inspire a sensation of feeling truly alive. This includes songs, live performances, film works, and dance creations which elicit the feelings of truly living, with eyes wide open, lungs breathing, and soul surrendering, to life here on a beautiful planet.

These projects will cost thousands of dollars, and my time is organized into working jobs, applying for grants, and creating the work itself.

When I produce a work, I have to fund several parts:

  • The musicians, dancers, and collaborators involved

  • The travel and lodging of those collaborators

  • The rehearsal studio rental fee

  • The performance venue or filming location fee

  • The videographer

  • The sound engineer

  • My own travel and lodging

It’s a very dynamic challenge to fund projects on top of funding life itself, and your support makes all the difference for me.

Thank you ❤️

With gratitude,

Andrea Ward

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